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Rave Reviews

Over the past several years, Deryl Glaze has received many accolades concerning his abilities as a Recovery Expert, Inspirational Speaker, Motivational Coach and Workshop Leader.

"I am always completely engaged in the presentation when Deryl is speaking. He has the ability to grab your attention and hold it for the duration of his presentation. His personal stories, life lessons, humor and enthusiasm keeps not only me but the rest of the audience equally engaged in his message. If you have the opportunity to hear him speak - by all means do so. It is well worth your time! " 

-- ​Kathryn Hoy, Director - Financial Advisor, UBS Financial Services

"Deryl is a dynamic speaker who inspires and engages audiences at all levels. His motivating message includes personal heart-felt triumphs over tribulations and his stories offer supportive help, a sense of humor, and hope for transformation. If you are looking for a speaker that can ignite audiences to action, contact Deryl to deliver and awe-inspiring presentation!"

--Vitalia Bryn Pundyk, MEd, Founder and Director of SpeakerBiz Institute, LLC

"Deryl speaks with tremencous confidence, conviction, and power.  His ability to draw people in with humor, emotion and just the right choice of words never fails to impress his audience."

--Maureen Fischer, Owner, Callan Communications (Eden Prairie)

"His message is timely and is good for both CEOs and ministry professionals."

--Brett Crosklags, CEO, Global Business Solutions LLC

"Deryl is one of the best in this business when it comes to encouraging men to think differeently and overcome the things of life that negatively impact them.  I get chills when I hear Deryl motivate our men."

--Jim Lorge, Program Manager, Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge

"Deryl is an outstanding speaker. When he speaks the whole room pays attention.  Deryl is great at getting the audience involved and feeling his presentation."

-- Amy Gruber, Senior Tax Analyst, General Mills

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