How to Achieve Life Balance

Updated: Jul 4, 2019

Tony Robbins' advice for balancing work with the rest of your life goes for balancing your RECOVERY with the rest of your life, too. Just substitute the word "recovery" with the word "work" or "career" to get my meaning!


Posted by: Team Tony

Have you been trying the “always on” grind in your career [RECOVERY], only to find out that you’re still not achieving what you want to? If so, you probably need to refine your approach to the work [RECOVERY] life balance. You’re not alone. Millions of people struggle to balance the competing interests in their lives. Do you secretly believe that tipping the scale towards the “work” ['RECOVERY"] side is the only way to get ahead?

Here is some very freeing news: the best leaders and highest achievers focus on what they want, including balance in their lives.

Be open and respectful of your needs and the boundaries of others

You can only make the most of your time if you know where and how to focus your energy. Identify what really matters to you and which benchmarks really signify achievement toward your goals. Communicate so that everyone around you understands these needs and work with your team to make sure these needs get met. If you make this a reciprocal process, you will respect the boundaries of others and help them meet their needs, too.

There are so many ways to make this happen. Is exercise a must in your work day? Let your team know and find a flexible way to schedule it. Do you need one day completely off each week — a no-email, no-phone-calls-or-texts, no-work-at-all day? Tell your team and make it happen. And remember: everyone around you has needs, and they may need help making them happen, too.

Take stock of your lifestyle and personal habits

Most American adults suffer from sleep deprivation, lack of exercise and poor nutrition. If you feel a lack of balance in your life, these negative habits may be earning a large share of the blame. Do yourself the favor of slowly making positive changes in your diet and lifestyle to allow yourself to really thrive both at work and at home.