You Can’t Find Balance? 9 Ways to Get It Back.

Updated: Jul 4, 2019

Emily Nolan is a popular wellness guru, speaker and blogger who promotes "radical self-acceptance." The article we reprinted below suggests nine different ways to recover your balance when it's been slipping before you lose control.

9 Ways To Find Balance Before Completely Losing Control Of Your Life

By Emily Nolan

We often hear from spiritual gurus who have been down a dark road, often with drugs and alcohol, and clawed their way back to a balanced life. But I often wonder, can we find a balanced life without first falling to a very dark place?

The answer is, sure we can! However, we need to employ two powerful skills that we all have, some laying dormant like a seed within us, waiting to be watered.

The two 'Rs,' redemption and resilience, are the most important skills to use if you’re a balanced person that wants to harness your passion and bounce back from disappointments with more oomph than ever. In addition to the two 'Rs,' I'm going to give you nine tips to help you stay balanced on your journey toward the best and most influential version of yourself.

Before we start, it's important to know that whenever you feel that you’ve lost control over your life, you should feel empowered enough to exercise your right as a living being to take a break to reconnect. Your boss might be upset with your decision to take a breather because you’re nearing a deadline, but when you’re crashing and burning, nothing else is more important than catching yourself before you’ve gone to far. If your boss is consumed with the “here and now task,” and not as worried about the team’s well-being, feel free to message them this article from an anonymous email account.


Let’s talk about the two 'Rs,' the most important skills to harness for a balanced person wanting to create the best and most influential version of yourself. I can’t say that I have a favorite 'R,' but I must declare that redemption feels so good that I completely savor the moments — I bet you enjoy it, too! When I use the word redemption, I'm describing the ultimate moments of proving yourself — not just the times when we redeem ourselves from doing something that's morally wrong. In this discussion, think of redemption as the winning shot, when you've really had a bad game up until that point. When we fire up the redemption trait that lies within us all, we turn on the hot furnace in our gut that says, “Whatever comes my way, bring it on! I have something to prove, and it’s about time that my number was called.”

When my husband Matt was 15, he lost his father and had a difficult time (not surprisingly) seeing clearly the life decisions that were ahead of him. College, career, etc. While he joined his uncle in NYC after high school, he managed a popular bagel shop in Manhattan. Most days, the shop was incredibly busy, and as a humble, unpretentious guy, he joined the line to help prepare bagels — which he did quite often. On this particular day, Matt’s third grade teacher joins the line and notices Matt. Her first and only words to him were, “Matt Joseph, is that you? I knew you’d never amount to anything.” Sure, this was such a small moment in Matt’s life, but that emotion of sheer redemption has been with him ever since that evil moment of humanity. Today, Matt would still serve bagels if he had to, but thankfully, he owns the top boutique real estate company in Miami. Redemption has been served: Matt worked hard every day to redeem his championing spirit.