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Recovery Expert.  Motivational Coach.  Recovery Speaker.


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Meet Deryl 

Inspirational Addiction/Recovery Expert & Speaker, Motivational Coach, and Ordained Minister.

Over the last twenty years interacting with recovering addicts and substance abusers in a variety of capacities, Deryl observed that the ones who didn't have any dreams, any "Big Whys" beyond recovery, were far more likely to relapse than those who did.

So now he speaks, runs workshops, and is the Head Certified Recovery Coach at Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge. No matter what hat he's wearing, his message is that you need a goal bigger than your own recovery to motivate yourself to stick with it and succeed!

From My Blog

"The best way to predict your future is to create it."

--Abraham Lincoln

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"Deryl speaks with termendous confidence, conviction and power.  His ability to draw people in. . . never fails to impress his audience."

Maureen Fischer, Owner

Callan Communications

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"His message is timely and is good for both CEOs and ministry professionals."

Brett Grosklags, CEO

Global Business Solutions, LLC

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"I am always completely engaged in the presentation when Deryl is speaking. He has the ability to grab your attention and hold it for the duration of his presentation."

Kathryn Hoy, Financial Advisor

UBS Financial Services

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